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HI!  It’s me, Sam.  I created this site to include my fan(s?) on my journey to publishing my first book, and if karma smiles upon me, the first of much more.  The maiden launch, “The Bull Rider,” will come out shortly on Amazon.  I hope to add links to my social media pages as I create them, but it’s not easy for me.  I’m new to all of this, so I hope you’ll bear with me as I feel my way through it.  If you have any suggestions (constructive ones, please), contact me.  I’m all about getting help!  I hope we all have a happy and healthy 2017!  SK

Published by Sam E. Kraemer

I grew up in the rural Midwest before moving to the East Coast with a dashing young man who swept me off my feet, and we've now settled in the desert of Nevada. I write M/M contemporary romance, subgenres: sweet low angst, age-gap, cowboys, mysteries, and military/mercenary to name a few. I am a firm believer in "Love is Love" regardless of how it presents itself, and I'm a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I have a loving, supportive family, and I feel blessed by the universe and thankful every day for all I have been given. I’m old enough to know how to have fun, but too old to care what others think about my definition of a good time. In my heart and soul, I believe I hit the cosmic jackpot. Cheers!

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