Well, I’ve been busy working on my second book, which is now with the editor. She’s reluctant to do it because she’s not a fan of M/M fiction, but I remain optimistic, which is a part of my personality because I continue to post here. I’m hoping someone takes an interest and follows me, but for now, I’m here : )

My next story is about a police detective of Native American descent and a younger, male waiter who attends Houston University. They meet at the diner where the younger man, Gray, works the overnight shift, just like Detective Derek Little Hawk Valentine, Vice Squad, “Hooker Patrol”.

“I, Derek Little Hawk Valentine, wasn’t looking for love when I walked into a diner down near the 16th Precinct where I worked as a detective in the vice squad. I wanted food, coffee, and a little peace and quiet so I could wind down before I went home that morning to sleep before my next shift. When the hot blonde guy…who looked far too young for me…approached the table across from where I sat? I had no idea my life would change so completely.

“Regardless of his hesitation to begin a relationship, I made the choice to go after him and not give up until he was mine. Of course, I had no idea how much of a climb that might be, but…I made the choice to pursue something I was pretty sure I’d never regret.”

I hope it will be read because I think it’s a great story. The way their romance grows (I think) is incredible.

Anyway, I feel better for venting! Cheers!

I’m moving on…

I’m getting ready to publish my second book in March, and I’m as nervous as I was with the first one. This one is vastly different from the cowboy story…one of the characters is a police detective. The other is a college student, but the two find an attraction they can’t deny.

I’m looking forward to the routine of getting it ready for publication. It’s actually comforting. I know for a fact I’ve been lucky to have some wonderful people buy my first book. I’m hoping some of them will come back for another story…A Valentine’s Choice.

I’ll let you (me, since I’m the only person who reads this) know when it’s available. I’m debating using the same artist for the cover because we had a hiccup on the first one, but maybe I’ll give it a shot? I want people to give me a shot, so I should give her another shot, right? I’m thinking that’s right.



I’ve published…now what?

Emotionally, I feel as if its a few days after Christmas…when the excitement from the holiday is gone and we’re searching for something to be excited about. I published my first book…as you know. I was so excited about the process…proofing the manuscript (which I now know I did a crap job at because as I’ve read through the published book, I’ve seen far too many mistakes), seeing the cover I had designed, and then finally seeing it for sale on It was a dream of mine to become a published author, and now I have…though maybe not a good one.

I think I’m having an identity crisis right now, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who goes through something of the sort. It feels cathartic to talk about it, which is why I’m posting this because it feels selfish to say anything to my family about it. They’ve been supportive, but they have their own things going on and I’m not generally a whiny person. Well…except here on this page.

In an attempt to get passed the feelings, I’ve started on my second book, but it’s slow going. It’s about a cop who meets a college-aged guy…eleven years his junior. The characters are great, in my opinion, and the challenges they face are as well…I hope! I’m going to find an editor because I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made with “Loving the Bull Rider.” The story is great…I want to be sure I tell it perfectly so as not to take away from it in any way. Finger’s crossed!!



Happy Groundhog Day!

I find it very odd that in this day and age wherein we’ve developed such sophisticated technology to predict upcoming weather events and measure the effects of global warming, we sit by our wide-screen televisions to await news with regard to whether a rodent living in Pennsylvania came out of his burrow to tell us if we’re going to have another six weeks of winter.

We’re gonna have six weeks of winter, regardless of whether Phil sees his shadow, but those people in Punxsutawney have kept the tradition alive since 1887. I’d suspect only those who are, or are nearly, baby boomers even give a crap, but it made me laugh this morning.

It was nice to have a laugh while I worrying about whether anyone will ever buy my book aside from me. I was blowing up balloons for my pity party when I heard the man on the news talking about Puxatony Phil seeing his shadow. Why doesn’t he work for the National Weather Service or NOAA? He seems to do as good a job as a lot of the meteorologists I see on television! The groundhog deserves a raise, I’d say!