I’m moving on…

I’m getting ready to publish my second book in March, and I’m as nervous as I was with the first one. This one is vastly different from the cowboy story…one of the characters is a police detective. The other is a college student, but the two find an attraction they can’t deny.

I’m looking forward to the routine of getting it ready for publication. It’s actually comforting. I know for a fact I’ve been lucky to have some wonderful people buy my first book. I’m hoping some of them will come back for another story…A Valentine’s Choice.

I’ll let you (me, since I’m the only person who reads this) know when it’s available. I’m debating using the same artist for the cover because we had a hiccup on the first one, but maybe I’ll give it a shot? I want people to give me a shot, so I should give her another shot, right? I’m thinking that’s right.



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