Well, I’ve been busy working on my second book, which is now with the editor. She’s reluctant to do it because she’s not a fan of M/M fiction, but I remain optimistic, which is a part of my personality because I continue to post here. I’m hoping someone takes an interest and follows me, but for now, I’m here : )

My next story is about a police detective of Native American descent and a younger, male waiter who attends Houston University. They meet at the diner where the younger man, Gray, works the overnight shift, just like Detective Derek Little Hawk Valentine, Vice Squad, “Hooker Patrol”.

“I, Derek Little Hawk Valentine, wasn’t looking for love when I walked into a diner down near the 16th Precinct where I worked as a detective in the vice squad. I wanted food, coffee, and a little peace and quiet so I could wind down before I went home that morning to sleep before my next shift. When the hot blonde guy…who looked far too young for me…approached the table across from where I sat? I had no idea my life would change so completely.

“Regardless of his hesitation to begin a relationship, I made the choice to go after him and not give up until he was mine. Of course, I had no idea how much of a climb that might be, but…I made the choice to pursue something I was pretty sure I’d never regret.”

I hope it will be read because I think it’s a great story. The way their romance grows (I think) is incredible.

Anyway, I feel better for venting! Cheers!

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