Coming soon…

My second book in The Cowboys of Katydid Farm series will publish on May 1!

About “Loving the Lawyer”:

Mickey moved to Holloway, Virginia, to work at Katydid Farm.  From the day he arrived, the family treated him as one of their own, even inviting him to live at the farm house when his only option was sleeping in his old truck.  Josh and Katie Simmons, along with their nephew, Tim Moran, made Mickey feel as if he’d finally been accepted and loved for the man he’d become, unlike the things that happened within his own family.

He didn’t dwell on his unhappy past or his surprising break-up from a younger man who didn’t do him the courtesy of saying goodbye…of saying anything at all.  Jackie simply walked away and never looked back.  Mickey, however, tried not to be bitter about the events from his past which had broken his heart, instead choosing to look forward to the future with as much optimism as he could muster, and hope…he hoped it included the love of someone special, even holding out hope for the “more” he saw between Tim and Matt.  He almost gave up before he met…The Lawyer.

covermk (2)

Jon was his parents’ son in every aspect of his life…family law attorney, like his father; empathetic defender of the underdog, like his mother; and loyal friend and supporter, like both of his parents.  The path he was on dictated he marry his best friend, Audrey, and start popping out the two-point-five kids expected of them by both sets of parents, who also happened to be best friends.

The glitch in the plan was Jon’s closeted status, along with his basic cowardice to explain the situation to his parents because seeing the disappointment on their faces and possibly breaking their hearts had never been part of the plan.  In order to maintain his cover, he and Audrey continued to live the lie in front of the families while behind their backs, Jon hooked up with guys while Audrey hooked up with girls.

Jon wasn’t looking for a relationship, and he swore off younger men completely based on having hooked up with his fair share of them during his clubbing days.  Unfortunately, Jon’s libido didn’t get the memo when he met a tall, good-looking cowboy who worked for one of his clients.  The guy wasn’t his type in any way Jon could imagine, but there was something about him and Jon couldn’t stay away.

I hope you’ll check it out!!



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