I have another book coming out…

“Loving the Broken Man” is a lot darker than the other stories in the series.  Danny is a troubled man, and this story is the first time I actually addressed someone who had an addiction.  I hope you’ll read the story.  I don’t get a lot of love for my stories, but from those who enjoy them…thank you.


I’d like to say…

Thank you so very much to those of you who have supported me on my journey with publishing my books.  I have four out now and two more planned in the near future to finish up the two separate series… The Cowboys of Katydid Farm and The Valentine’s Trilogy.

Today was a banner day for me because I received my first royalty check.  It won’t pay down the national debt, but it was a happy surprise for me.  I hope you’ll continue to watch for my stories and read them.  I have several more in the planning stages.

I just wanted to send out my thanks to the universe for the happy surprise.  May you all receive an unexpected something in the near future.