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Their story:

If it’s so hard for two men to meet and fall in love, what are the chances it could happen for three men and when it does, how do they keep from losing it?  When they fall apart, how can they get back together?


Kincade Hayes believed he was doing the noble thing when he walked away from his two loves in order to leave them to their happily ever after. He didn’t allow himself to wallow in the dreams of how things might have worked out if he’d stuck around to hear what was said after the news of their engagement sunk in. He tried to find himself a new path with a new place to live and a new job giving back to a people who had worse things in their lives to handle.  His broken heart was nothing compared to living on the streets of Chicago, he was sure.  Just when he believed he was on his way to healing his heart, the Fates seem to conspire to keep him in a constant state of surprise.



Branford Thomas believed he had everything under control when he proposed to Jackson with plans to adopt Cade, but before he could clarify things with both of his lovers, the beautiful brunette disappeared on them.  For a shining moment, Ford believed he had the perfect life awaiting him with the loves he’d dreamed of having but everything changed and that love seemed to float away like a wisp of smoke.  He loved Jackson Delacroix, but without Cade to be the soft between the hard, their situation spiraled into hopelessness.  Even his relationship with Jax was falling apart.  He searched high and low for Cade because, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, Ford knew the three of them were meant to be together.  They just had to find their heart.


Jackson Delacroix’s love life and his career were on a downhill slide and there was a brick wall at the bottom where he would smash to pieces.  He believed it would actually be a relief from the all-encompassing anguish he felt inside himself at the loss of Cade.  He searched and searched for the man because the three of them were meant to be and he wanted the chance to convince Cade of the undeniable truth.  Sinking further into sadness and heartache, he didn’t know how to get a handle on his emotions before he’d thrown away everything that mattered to him.  His salvation came one morning when his agent had a lead that could change his and Ford’s lives, yet again.  Nothing would keep him from following it up.  The only question was…when he found Cade, could he convince him to come home where he belonged?


This story is the second act of three as Cade, Ford, and Jax try to make it without each other, none finding too much success at functioning as a whole person when each of them is missing pieces of their hearts.  They encounter many, many roadblocks as they seek happiness, but if they can just find their way back to each other, they have the potential to have a wonderful life together.    Can they find the magic that brought them together in the first place, and if they do, will it keep them together this time?


Please Note: This book contains material which may be offensive to some readers:  Graphic language and/or adult situations; graphic descriptions of sexual activity among three men. This fictional story is intended for adults over 18.  This is the second book in a three-book series and is approximately 81,000 words in length.Act_two_11_3D (1)

Published by Sam E. Kraemer

I grew up in the rural Midwest before moving to the East Coast with a dashing young man who swept me off my feet, and we've now settled in the desert of Nevada. I write M/M contemporary romance, subgenres: sweet low angst, age-gap, cowboys, mysteries, and military/mercenary to name a few. I am a firm believer in "Love is Love" regardless of how it presents itself, and I'm a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. I have a loving, supportive family, and I feel blessed by the universe and thankful every day for all I have been given. I’m old enough to know how to have fun, but too old to care what others think about my definition of a good time. In my heart and soul, I believe I hit the cosmic jackpot. Cheers!

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