Now available…

“Act Three:  A Love in Three Acts” is now available on Amazon.

Their story:

Having survived the storms life throws in everyone’s way, there comes a time to settle into the sweet spot with those you love.  Of course, Fate isn’t done with Cade, Ford, and Jax.   They’re married and embarking on their happily-ever-after.  Business is booming for Ford, and Jax has made decisions regarding his future career plans.  As the three are happily living their lives, new challenges arise and old questions are answered.  One unanticipated opportunity offers them the chance at happiness they never considered possible.  It’s the third act in their love affair and its the one that matters the most.  Their future has a potential for greatness…if only things work out.

This story is the third and final act as the Hayes-Thomas-Delacroix family plan their happily-ever-after.  Can the trilationship stand the tests of time?

Please Note: This book contains material which may be offensive to some readers:  Graphic language and/or adult situations; graphic descriptions of sexual activity among three men. This fictional story is intended for adults over 18.  This is the final book in a three-book series and is approximately 31,000 words in length.

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