Coming June 9…

Hacker Lawry

Their story:

Lawrence ‘Lawry’ Schatz

Heartbroken?  Check. 

Unemployed?  Check. 

Homeless?  Check. 

Self-medicating?  As often as possible. 

My life was upended with a two-word text, and a meeting with my boss’s boss nearly finished me off.  I fell into a downward spiral with no intention of pulling out, but my brother, Hank, had other ideas.  He called in a big gun, Gabriele Torrente, who dragged me to New York and pushed me to get myself together.

At a family event, I hooked up with the hottest guy I’d ever met, intending to relieve some tension, but he turned out to be more than I imagined.  He was sassy, opinionated, and he completely set me on my ear.  Maxim Partee wouldn’t put up with my crap, but after I made a huge mistake, he still agreed to be my friend, which was precisely what I needed.  I couldn’t envision he might need me in return. 


Maxim ‘Maxi’ Partee

Sexy?  Check.

Successful?  Check.

Lonely?  Very much so.

Power bottom?  You bet your…bottom.

I had a successful business…two of them as a matter of fact.  I had friends who I cherished, and I loved my life, telling myself it would be more than enough for me.  I chose the men I spent time with, and it was always on my terms.  An unfortunate hook-up at a birthday party led me down a path I didn’t expect, but I met a nice, misguided man from whom I couldn’t easily walk away.

The journey he needed to traverse might leave me alone, but I supported his need to do it.  Where would it leave me?  No idea.

Please Note: This book contains material which may be offensive to some readers.  It includes graphic language, violence, adult situations, and descriptions of sexual activity between two, consenting adult males.  This fictional story is intended for adults over 18 and is approximately 86,000 words in length.  It is the fourth book in “The Lonely Heroes Series.”  I hope you enjoy them.

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