Here’s a little teaser for my next book, “Unbreak Him.” The cover reveal is coming soon, but how about a little taste?

Kyle walked into the small room off the hallway in the courthouse at the guard’s order. He was damn near trussed up like a turkey with handcuffs and ankle chains, but the guard was willing to allow him to say goodbye to his parents, and he was grateful. They’d been at the trial, and while his mother had wept when the verdict was read, his father remained stone-faced.

“Dad, I’m so sorry…” he began.

His father held up his hand to silence him. “You don’t get to talk, Kyle. I’m not sure where your mother and I failed you, but that’s for another day. I called in my last favor to get you sent to Allenwood, upstate. It’s a minimum-security facility, and I hope you come out okay, but your mom and me? We’re done. When you get out, you’re on your own. Don’t call and don’t try to come home,” his father told him before leaving the room without looking back. The feelings in Kyle’s chest nearly gutted him.

“Unbreak Him” is a standalone book. It ends in an HEA, though it’s not easily won. I’ll reveal the cover on Valentine’s Day.

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