Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

I’m too old to enjoy green beer, but I sure don’t hate a Guinness! I’ve been busy editing the second book in the Katydid Farm Series, “Loving the Lawyer.” I’m hoping to publish in early May…finger’s crossed. This entire process has been eye-opening for me. To be successful without having the support of a publisherContinue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s Day…”

I’ve published…now what?

Emotionally, I feel as if its a few days after Christmas…when the excitement from the holiday is gone and we’re searching for something to be excited about. I published my first book…as you know. I was so excited about the process…proofing the manuscript (which I now know I did a crap job at because asContinue reading “I’ve published…now what?”


My book, “Loving the Bull Rider” was published on Amazon today! I’m so excited, but I’m scared to death. It’s that good kind of scared, though. I have learned some lessons that will hopefully make the next one easier. I can’t wait to see my name on the NYT best-seller list! (Hey, dream big!) I’llContinue reading “AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON AMAZON!!”

The next steps… I’ve been busy editing my first book. There are so many things that go into putting together a book…things I had no idea about, but I’m trying to learn. The most exciting thing is I have a cover. It’s been fun to read something I wrote a while ago as a toss away and then update it. I love the story, and I’d love it if you’d read it. If I can figure out how to add the blurb so you can preview it, I will. I hope you’ll stick around to see how it goes.

Timothy Moran moved to southern Virginia to decompress after finishing his degree before he began his job search. The rural area where his aunt and uncle lived was definitely an adjustment for Tim, as was working on his uncle’s horse farm, Katydid Farm, doing jobs he could never have imagined in his life.
In order to repay his family for their past kindnesses during tragic events in his life, he offered to automate the management and financial aspects of his uncle’s operation to make it more efficient and profitable. During a fact-finding trip to the local farm supply store, Tim encountered a little boy with a big cowboy hat who seemed to be lost. When he assisted the little cowboy in finding his father in the large store, Tim’s heart nearly beat out of his chest after meeting…The Bull Rider.

Matthew Collins spent far too many years away from his family while competing on the professional bull riding circuit. When his marriage hits the rocks and his wife left him, she took their three-year-old son with her, only contacting Matt when she needed money. When he finally got his son back some three years later, he realized he had no idea how to care for a six-year-old boy. His own past had some skeletons he’d rather stay hidden for the sake of his family and his business, but when he met Tim Moran, he quickly determined it might not be as easy as he’d first hoped.