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Their story —

Loved. Deceived. Heartbroken. Humiliated. Bitter.

Thornton Marsh has experienced it all in rapid fire after the man he loves betrays him… in their home, on their bed, on his parents’ wedding quilt.    

He’s learned to live his life with all of those emotions locked deep inside, and he’s moved on.  He’s become successful. He has friends. He never allows himself to form any emotional attachments who can destroy his mangled heart once and for all.  It works perfectly until one day when it doesn’t.

Lover. Cheater. Heartbreaker. Recovering. Hopeless.

Kennedy Catrelle regrets decisions he can’t take back, having made one horrible choice on the spur of the moment. He’s never had the chance to try to explain his actions, but then again, when one rips apart the world he’s building with the man he loves, what’s really left to say?

Kennedy has accepted his responsibilities and the blessing of an unexpected angel as he tries to find his way to a better place in his life. Its working perfectly until a manuscript for a new novel finds its way to his desk.


Two men are looking for how to give it and how to earn it.  When they meet again, is there another chance for them?  Forgiveness is one of the seven virtues, but in their broken states, are they able to achieve it?

Trigger warning: Death of a character by suicide. If the depiction is a trigger, caution is advised.

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