Hated? Yeah, I’ll take it and return it in spades.

That’s Duke Chambers motto when he begins working at GEA-A at Giuseppe Torrente’s request. His life isn’t bad before he tracks down Giuseppe–he’s been a drill sergeant in the Marines, garnering the respect of men and women with whom he’s served. He has two women who love him like a son, and a “little” older brother he adores. Everything is great until fate sticks her nose into Duke’s life and upends it, leaving him filled with hatred. He finds out a truth he never wanted to accept but is there more than meets the eye?

Corbin Barr is trying to adapt to a new world after the mechanic flees Arkansas to try to create a life in New York and make up for past wrongs he participated in that hurt his brother Shay and his cousin Chase. The guilt is soul deep, especially since Corby is harboring his own secrets. His unrequited crush on one of the professionals at GEA-A doesn’t help.

Ace Hampton has lived a million lives—everything from an MMA fighter to a mercenary to a bodyguard. He’s meditated with monks in Tibet, and he’s done his fair share of beating fear into the reluctant. He’s traveled the world, meeting men of all walks of life, but when Giuseppe Torrente asks for his assistance, Ace feels it’s important not to turn the man down. What Ace doesn’t expect to find is a brotherhood of security professionals unafraid to do what’s necessary to protect those who are under attack. Among them, Ace finds himself drawn to two men. He’s learned he’s not cut out for monogamy, but can he be faithful to two unique men who have their own pasts to fight?

Can three broken men heal themselves and each other? How strong is the power of love? Can Corbin and Ace help Duke see he could have a new family and be an orphan no more?


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