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One’s a good man. One’s a bad boy. Flirting with temptation has never been so alluring.

Playboy Miles Dunham is eager to celebrate his thirty-ninth birthday, hopefully with a happy ending. After his mother drops a huge bombshell that turns his life upside down, Miles is determined to make the most of his last birthday in his thirties.

Enter Fate—taking the form of a gorgeous young grad student wearing sexy leather pants. How could the guy’s gold-flecked hazel eyes make it so hard for Miles to see the line he shouldn’t cross?

Monroe Taylor is a spoiled little rich boy who likes his fun. An arrest for possession of a controlled substance doesn’t seem to be a big deal until he has to explain himself and face the music. One more night of freedom is in order before he’s punished for his crimes. The man he meets at the bar that night? He’s right out of Monroe’s schoolboy dreams!

When Fate walks into that bar, she brings along a friend—Destiny. Of course, Chaos isn’t far behind.

A wise man would run, but A Wise Heart has other ideas.

A Wise Heart, a May-December Hearts book, is a romantic tale in the May-December Hearts collection. If you like strong plotlines revolving around diverse characters, this would easily become your favorite romance novel of all times.


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