Absinthe Minded – On The Rocks #3 (eBook)


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Becoming a Daddy isn’t for the faint of heart or the Absinthe Minded!

Cordon March has been a vagabond all his adult life, never meeting Mr. Right or settling down. He’s on the brink of adopting confirmed bachelorhood at forty-five and giving up on love completely, pouring all of his pent-up love and passion into a new business venture—Ima-GIN-ation Distillery. He’s moved to South Padre Island to be with the family and friends he’s met at On the Rocks, and he’s ready to embrace a life lived alone.

Marsden Dempsey has had life backhand him in the mouth and put its foot on his neck for as long as he can remember. He’s just been released from prison and has been relocated to South Padre Island to be near his friend and fellow ex-con, Tanner Bledsoe. Mars is lost and in dire need of guidance to keep from making another mistake, but his best friend is taking steps in his life that leave him with little time to be Mars’ safety net.

When Mars shows up while Tanner is on his honeymoon, it falls on Cord to help the boy adjust to his new normal. Cord can’t help but notice the guy has more than a few quirks, and as he learns about Mars’ unfortunate past, he yearns to provide the boy with stability, guidance, and support—all the things a good Daddy gives his boy.

Can Cord make the transition from Dom to Daddy and give his sweet boy everything he needs? There’s no room for Absinthe Minded-ness if Cord’s going to get the future he’s dreamed of having for years…


Absinthe Minded, is the intoxicating final tale in the On the Rocks M/M contemporary romance series. If you like captivating characters, hurt/comfort, age-gap, Daddy/boy romance, then you’ll adore Sam E. Kraemer’s love-and-courage-infused escape.


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