Bachelor Hero – Signed Paperback


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A Lonely Heroes Holiday Story

The heroes from Golden Elite Associates—America have put their plans and lives on hold for a year as they try to cope with the aftermath of Lawry “Casper” Schatz and Maxim Partee’s engagement party—the night Blue was bombed by an unknown assailant. The explosion impacted everyone’s lives, and recovery has been slow for the group.

In the spirit of turning the page on the incident, Shepard “Smokey” Colson and Parker Howzer decide to host a bachelor party at their lake house. They invite all of their friends to join them for a celebratory weekend, and what better time to have a big party than New Years!

Each couple is ready to move forward with their plans in one way or another—someone wants a baby; someone wants to live part of the year in another country; two have job opportunities that will be life changing; someone wants to make future plans that include starting a family; the desire for a forever home is important to another hero. How will they achieve their goals? That’s what they’re all hoping to figure out. Add in a few surprise guests with unclear agendas, and let the chaos begin!

One thing is certain—someone’s going to tie the knot!


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