Heart Of Stone – Signed Paperback


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Is it a teen prank or a misguided attempt to heal a broken heart?

“Hi! I’m Dr. Dream, and I’m probably the hottest guy you’ll ever meet. I have silver hair, but I’m young at heart. I have lots of fans, but I’m looking for my Number One. Is it you, younger guy? Hit me up!”

ER Deputy Chief Stone Dooley gets the surprise of his life when he learns his twin daughters have signed him up for a gay dating site without his knowledge, three years after he becomes a widower.

What is supposed to be a quick drink and an apology for his daughters’ prank turns into a tentative friendship and an agreement to swap services—Stone will take care of the younger man’s ailing grandfather, if the younger guy will help out with childcare for his daughters over the summer.

Twists and turns test their blossoming friendship. Grief, loss, secrets, and a threat to tear his family apart test Stone’s limits to his breaking point.

What is the key to weathering the storms heading in Stone’s direction? Maybe a blond-haired young man with jade green eyes can crack the Heart of Stone?


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