May/December Hearts Collection (ebook)


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BOOK ONE – A Wise Heart

One’s a good man. One’s a bad boy. Flirting with temptation has never been so alluring.

Playboy Miles Dunham is eager to celebrate his thirty-ninth birthday, hopefully with a happy ending. After his mother drops a huge bombshell that turns his life upside down, Miles is determined to make the most of his last birthday in his thirties.

Enter Fate—taking the form of a gorgeous young grad student wearing sexy leather pants. How could the guy’s gold-flecked hazel eyes make it so hard for Miles to see the line he shouldn’t cross?

Monroe Taylor is a spoiled little rich boy who likes his fun. An arrest for possession of a controlled substance doesn’t seem to be a big deal until he has to explain himself and face the music. One more night of freedom is in order before he’s punished for his crimes. The man he meets at the bar that night? He’s right out of Monroe’s schoolboy dreams!

When Fate walks into that bar, she brings along a friend—Destiny. Of course, Chaos isn’t far behind.

A wise man would run, but A Wise Heart has other ideas.

BOOK TWO – Heart of Stone

Is it a teen prank or a misguided attempt to heal a broken heart?

“Hi! I’m Dr. Dream, and I’m probably the hottest guy you’ll ever meet. I have silver hair, but I’m young at heart. I have lots of fans, but I’m looking for my Number One. Is it you, younger guy? Hit me up!”

ER Deputy Chief Stone Dooley gets the surprise of his life when he learns his twin daughters have signed him up for a gay dating site without his knowledge, three years after he becomes a widower.

What is supposed to be a quick drink and an apology for his daughters’ prank turns into a tentative friendship and an agreement to swap services—Stone will take care of the younger man’s ailing grandfather, if the younger guy will help out with childcare for his daughters over the summer.

Twists and turns test their blossoming friendship. Grief, loss, secrets, and a threat to tear his family apart test Stone’s limits to his breaking point.

What is the key to weathering the storms heading in Stone’s direction? Maybe a blond-haired young man with jade green eyes can crack the Heart of Stone?

BOOK THREE – What the H/e/art Wants

Can he find love with a man younger than his son?

Judge Jefferson Hart is hoping for a relaxed summer off while babysitting his grandson. Instead, a captivating young man reads him the riot act about leaving the boy in incapable hands. While Jeff isn’t used to anyone chastising him, the way the man goes about it ignites a dormant longing inside him.

Iggy Sampson has a to-do list a mile long: Take the law school admission test. Find an acceptable school that will give him a scholarship to avoid a crippling amount of student loan debt. Get over the guy who gave him his first kiss and then humiliated him at the tender age of fifteen.

Shrieks outside his temporary home aren’t on that list, but how can he not help the boy cradling his arm? What he hadn’t counted on was the boy’s attractive grandfather. Fireworks have nothing on the crackling between them.

Their attraction grows more every day, bridging the age gap and the fifty yards separating them. But can they give in to their desires without losing their loved ones in the process?


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