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Jingle Bell

I was an elf, but not a good one. I was too tall. My ears weren’t pointy enough. I couldn’t make toys. Basically, I was a failure.

I grew up with Nic and Holly—Santa and Mrs. Clause—and I suppose they had a soft spot for me. After being kicked out of every creative department at Santa Claus, Inc., Int’l., I was sent to the Special Case Unit. I was assigned a family going through a crisis—charged with bringing comfort and cheer to a special little girl who needed all of it she could get.

I didn’t expect to meet a wonderful human man appeared to have the weight of the world on his broad shoulders, and I certainly didn’t expect I’d want to help him carry it. The case was difficult, but I was dedicated. I definitely didn’t anticipate falling in love along the way, though.

Trick McNichol

Going into the holiday season with a sick daughter was as heartbreaking as it sounded. My little girl, Danielle, had been diagnosed with a dangerous disease, and the treatment was doubly as harsh. In my world, there were no silver linings—until Jinson Bell, a nursing assistant, walked into Dani’s room and gave her something to smile about. He also gave me friendship as I faced my worst fears. He was kind, adorable, much younger than me, and he had a sweet tooth like none I’d ever seen.

He knew what we needed before we needed it, and it was easy to fall in love with him. It wasn’t the best timing in the world, but he was there when I needed someone to lean on. When he laughed, it was like bells were ringing, and while I wasn’t sure how I’d do it—he was only at the hospital temporarily for training—I had to find a way to make him mine.


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