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Zachary Foxx has dreams. He wants to achieve success in his chosen profession, be it blowing open corruption in the sacred halls of government or writing the next great American Gothic novel. Sadly, as a recent university graduate—with student loans to pay—who is used to eating and living inside, he finds his newshound instincts will have to suffer in silence until someone is willing to pay him for his pithy prose, which isn’t happening for anyone of his experience level—or lack thereof.

No, Zac’s journey begins a bit lower in the hierarchy. He’s a junior acquisitions editor at a small publishing house, and he’s been tasked by his tyrant of a boss to convince an unknown author to sign on the dotted line. She sends Zac to woo Angus McMurray with promises of fame and a trip to Scotland—which is exciting until he learns it’s the one in South Dakota.

What Zac doesn’t expect is to meet a neurodivergent woodsman who has no desire to share his beautiful stories about his relationships with animals to achieve fame and fortune. He just wants to share them with Zac.

Thus begins Zac Foxx’s moral dilemma… What’s the price of fame? When he meets a handsome man who wants no part of Zac’s desired level of success, will Zac chuck his ethics and betray a pure soul to achieve his own selfish goals? Does Zac have it inside him to ruin someone who is… Perfect?


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