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Raleigh “Nemo” Wallis

Positive. One word with a lot of meanings—but not all of them are good.

When I remember my time in the Navy as a SEAL, I know one word will define me and shape the course of my life until I die. Loss seems to follow me everywhere I go, but when Benji Hoffman comes back into my life, he makes me rethink a lot of things—mainly…

How can I love him and not kill him?

Benjamin Hoffman

The memories I carry from my childhood on Knott’s Island are precious to me, especially when life throws challenges in my path. I’m running for Congress at my best friend’s insistence, and someone sets fire to my campaign headquarters, just as my best friend is hospitalized for a major illness. When her brother comes back to the island to see her, I’m that fifteen-year-old kid again, crushing on him even though he comes off cool as a cucumber when I’m around him.

After getting my ass kicked at a quick stop while on the campaign trail, Raleigh Wallis decides to accompany me to keep me safe because of my friendship with his sister. How can I survive being with that man every day and not die of longing for him?

Both men have a desire to make life better for those about whom they care. Can Raleigh overcome deeply rooted fears from his past and let down his walls enough to let Benji in? Who is trying to undermine Benji’s shot at doing the only thing he’s ever wanted to do—make his home state a better place to live? Can they positively achieve their goals together?


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