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A strong sense of loyalty courses through the lifeblood of the Torrente family, and as a member, Mateo is duty-bound to move to America to assist his favorite cousin, Gabriele, when threats are made against the family. Mateo possesses a skillset that is required to protect Gabriele’s children and to assist in identifying a traitor in their midst.

The job seems easy… until Mateo meets the one man who reminds him that, in his profession, it’s wise to remain without encumbrances—emotional or otherwise. No one with a conscience will accept Mateo’s profession, so he fights his own desires for the kind of happiness he sees around him in New York, resigned to be forever without love… though a little fling never hurt anyone.

Shay Barr is a talented hair stylist and barber. His reputation is golden, and his prestigious client list is a who’s who of New York society. His future is bright as long as his secrets stay buried in the past. When Shay receives unsettling news from home, he’s reminded why he ran at eighteen, and now, it seems history is set to repeat itself. The pack of religious zealots Shay barely escaped as a teen have found another lamb—to convert or to slaughter—and Shay is determined to save him, but how?

When Mateo Torrente walks into DyeV Barr with a teary-eyed little girl Shay thinks of as part of his found family, the chemistry is explosive. Unbeknownst to either man, the other is exactly who he needs. With one “Torrente” smile, Shay is enraptured by Mateo, but there is danger lurking in the shadows.

Will the Salesman and the Barber be able to escape the perils at their heels or will they become love’s martyrs to save each other?


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