Sinners’ Redemption – Signed Paperback


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Seamus McCord is a man of the cloth who has convinced himself he can ignore the pestering qualms he’s had for years regarding his choice to become a priest and take his final vows, solidifying his devotion to his vocation. He’s justified in his mind that he can wall off his doubts and ignore the dark secret he’s keeping buried deep in his heart.

Meeting a handsome man at a laundromat one night further complicates his situation, bringing more problems he doesn’t need. All the old concerns push their way to the surface with only one look into the man’s blue-green eyes. As Seamus falls into a spiral of lust and desire, he realizes the time for prayers of guidance has long passed.


Carter Lee Riggs has made mistakes—one of which changed the course of his life forever. After he’s paid his debt, he faces the challenge of controlling the rage inside him when faced with life’s injustices. He saved a life once, but in the process, he nearly took another.

One night, a man comes into his workplace, and it almost feels as if Carter’s being given another chance at happiness. It’s only a brief encounter, but if Carter has the opportunity to find the man again, might they have a chance at something neither ever expected to find?

For Seamus and Carter, if there’s a way to atone for being less than perfect while seeking their hearts desires, will they take it?

Can two sinners be redeemed by love?


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