The Harbinger’s Allure (ebook)


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Bartender Becket Davis lives a quiet life. The only family member he has left is dying, and soon, Beckett knows he’ll be alone in the world. With the short time he has left, he visits the hospice center after he finishes slinging drinks, grateful for the opportunity to sit and talk with his grandfather, even though the man isn’t always awake.

One very early morning when Beck goes to visit, he sees a very attractive man leaving his grandfather’s room. The man is dressed oddly for August in Reardon, California, but the sexy wink he gives Beck on his way out leaves him wanting to know more.

When the man introduces himself to Beck at his grandfather’s funeral—“I’m Armie Harbinger”—Beck’s attraction escalates from a simmer to a boil. That’s when strange things begin to happen in Beck’s world. Are they just coincidences, or is it the allure of the Harbinger?


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