The Mysteries of Marblehead Manor (ebook)


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Mystery and magic surround the family O’Toole. Will the current generation running Marblehead Manor add to the lore, or will they bring the house down?

Marblehead Manor, a quaint bed-and-breakfast in Marblehead, Massachusetts, has been the home of generations of O’Tooles and Kellys, most of whom have stuck around the manor—even in death.

The proprietors, Connor O’Toole and his twin, Mariah, enjoy their lives as innkeepers, fulfilling their mother’s dream of hosting visitors in their home. They’re the only living O’Tooles, and with Mariah being eight-minutes older, there are strict rites of passage that must be followed to maintain order—and power. Of course, Connor’s never been one to care much for rules…

Clint Blackwell is newly graduated from college and trying to find his place in the world. On his drive to an unpaid internship in Boston, Clint’s car starts to act up, so he gets off the highway and drives to the small town of Marblehead, just a block from the mechanic’s shop. Clint’s directed to Marblehead Manor for the weekend while the mechanic assesses the damage and orders parts. Is it a coincidence, or is there something magical waiting for Clint at the stately old Victorian?

What other mysteries surrounding the manor remain unsolved? Will Connor’s obsessive pursuit of his soul mate lead to chaos and regret? Will the odd events Clint encounters alert him that Marblehead Manor isn’t just a run-of-the-mill bed-and-breakfast? What’s up with that pesky cat that keeps lurking around every corner? Come check into Marblehead Manor and find out for yourself!


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