The Secrets We Whisper To The Bees (eBook)


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Jex Ivers is running for his life!

After he escapes from a madman, Jex finds himself working for a kind, old woman in a beach town in Delaware. He can tell the widow has suffered a broken heart, much like himself. Soon, Jex starts to believe his life might just turn around if he can manage to stay under the radar until the trial.

When he crosses path with a handsome man named Elijah Moore, Jex hopes it’s a sign that his dark cloud is about to make way for sunny skies.

Elijah Moore is looking for more out of his life!

As the chief of police of Haven’s Point, Eli has a job he loves, good friends, and a cottage on the beach. Happiness, however, is nowhere to be found.

One day, a stranger shows up in town and catches Eli’s eye. Something about the redhead triggers his protective nature, and as Eli learns more about Jex’s situation, the chief is determined to do whatever it takes to keep young man from harm.

Unbeknownst to either of them, a dangerous secret has been whispered to the bees, and as everyone knows, the bees never give up their secrets…


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