Weighting For A Lifetime – Signed Paperback


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Wyatt and Talbot Smothers have a full life, a successful cattle ranch and weight-loss camp, and lots of love to share. They have their son, Calvin, who is nearly grown, and plenty of changes at the ranch to keep them busy. Everything is great, but there is a member of the family who isn’t there to share in the good fortune.

Wyatt wants to fix the broken relationship with his brother, Richard, but first, he has to find him and convince him to come home. If he does, what problems will Ricky bring with him? Is it too late to salvage the strained bond the brothers have shared over a lifetime?

Talbot Andrews has worked hard to overcome his food and body image issues, and he’s ready to take on something he wants more than anything… children. He and his cowboy have decided to embark on the journey of having children together, but how bumpy will that road become and how successful will they be?

What makes a family? Is it blood or is it the love they share? Is it true that love expands to encompass everyone who enters Tal’s life… even Rick Smothers, the homophobic brother of the man who Talbot wants for a lifetime?


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