Weighting For Laughter – Signed Paperback


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What happens when Wyatt’s past comes riding back into Ridge Hills, and she isn’t alone?

Wyatt’s world begins spinning out of control, but will he make the mistake of keeping the weight solely on his shoulders as he’s done all his life? Will life ever slow down and allow Wyatt to laugh with the blond he wants to be his future… His forever?

Talbot Andrews has lost weight thanks to hard work and lessons learned at the Circle S Ranch but getting his mind to catch up to his changing body is the tricky part. When Wyatt’s past comes roaring into the present, will the news send Tal back to the pantry to find comfort the only way he’s ever known? Will Tal allow his newfound confidence to leave him in the thick, Texas dust?

Now that love has found Wyatt Smothers and Talbot Andrews, how will the couple traverse the path of making a life together


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