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Enjoyable and compelling storytelling accompanying interesting and empathetic characters raise this story to a loftier height.

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Wyatt Smothers, a retired rodeo bronc rider, ran the family ranch with his brother, Rick, and sister, Donna Jo. Ranching was hard work, and successful ranching was even harder. Since losing their parents, the siblings had tried various schemes to infuse more capital into the operation, but they never ended with more money in the bank. That was until Donna Jo came up with her next great idea… a weight loss camp. Wyatt wasn’t keen on the idea in the beginning, but he was outvoted, so they began making preparations.

After reading an essay written by one of the camp’s applicants, Wyatt had a change of heart regarding the idea. U-4-NY had poured her heart into answering the question regarding her motivations for losing weight, and Wyatt couldn’t help but violate one of the camp adviser’s rules—no personal communication with the campers. The two began emailing each other, and by the third week of March when the first two-week camp would begin, Wyatt had fallen in love, he was sure. He’d ignored his niece’s reminders that the ‘U’ in the identifier stood for ‘Unknown Gender.’ He was attracted to the applicant, and nothing could change his mind.

Would he still feel that way when he set eyes on U-4-NY?


Talbot Andrews wasn’t living his best life. He was twenty-seven, living in his parents’ basement because it was safe, and he was growing out of his wardrobe. He was a Gold Star gay man in the sense that he was still a virgin in every definition of the word. He wrote a weight loss blog, which was his best work of fiction to date because Tal didn’t lose weight and keep it off as he bragged to his readers. The blog had acquired various sponsors, becoming his sole means of income, so he couldn’t come clean with his subscribers and tell them he was a liar. Thus, the charade continued.

While scanning a recipe website, he found an advertisement for a weight loss camp in the Hill Country of Texas. As he read the ad, something inside him seemed to click, and the next thing he knew, he was applying for admittance. He decided to be totally honest on his application, and when he had to write an essay regarding why he wanted to lose the weight, he poured his heart out, embarrassment be damned.

One day when he opened his inbox, there was an email from W. Smothers of Smothers Ranch where the camp would take place. The man’s kind words sparked something in Tal, and he began his weight loss journey, refusing to allow his mother to deter him from his mission to go to Texas, meet the cowboy, and hopefully, live his happily ever after.

Was it too much for a man to ask?


Love the Circle S ranch!

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Now that love has found Wyatt Smothers and Talbot Andrews, how will the couple traverse the path of making a life together? What happens when Wyatt’s past comes riding back into Ridge Hills, and she isn’t alone?

When Wyatt’s world begins spinning out of control, will he make the mistake of keeping the weight solely on his shoulders as he’s done all his life? Would things ever slow down and allow Wyatt to laugh with the blond he wants to be his future, his forever?



Talbot Andrews lost weight thanks to hard work and lessons learned at the Circle S Ranch but getting his mind to catch up to his changing body is the tricky part for Tal. When Wyatt’s past comes roaring into the present, will the news send Tal back to the pantry to find comfort the only way he’s ever known? Can he fight for his dreams or will Tal allow his newfound confidence to leave him in the thick, Texas dust?

Please Note: This work of fiction contains material which may be offensive to some readers. It includes graphic language, adult situations, and descriptions of sexual activity between two, consenting adult males. It is intended for adults over 18 and is approximately 87,000 words in length. I hope you enjoy it.


These characters find a special spot in your heart. I recommend reading the entire series!

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Wyatt and Talbot Smothers have a full life, a successful cattle ranch and weight-loss camp, and lots of love to share. They have their son, Calvin, who is nearly grown, and plenty of changes at the ranch to keep them busy. Everything is great, but there is a member of the family who isn’t there to share in the good fortune.

Wyatt wants to fix the broken relationship with his brother, Richard, but first, he has to find him and convince him to come home. If he does, what problems will Ricky bring with him? Is it too late to salvage the strained bond the brothers have shared over a lifetime?

When Wyatt reveals he has a new husband and a recently discovered son, will it be too much for Ricky to accept? Will the new family Wyatt is creating be the thing that breaks the old family he’s known all his life?


Talbot Andrews has worked hard to overcome his food and body image issues, and he’s ready to take on something he wants more than anything…children. He and his cowboy have decided to embark on the journey of having children together, but how bumpy will that road become and how successful will they be?

What makes a family? Is it blood or is it the love they share? Is it true that love expands to encompass everyone who enters Tal’s life…even Rick Smothers, the homophobic brother of the man who Talbot wants for a lifetime?

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