November 20, 2020

How do you heal a broken spirit?

Is there any way to unbreak a man?

Kyle Rance has made bad decisions. He’s also paid the price for his past mistakes and worked hard to try and redeem himself. When he’s offered the opportunity for a fresh start, he decides to make the most of it because it might be his last shot.

When Kyle comes into possession of damning material about one of the partners at the marketing firm where he’s been given a job in the mailroom, he has a difficult decision to make. Should he bring the matter to someone’s attention or keep his head down and do his job even if that means the wiz-kid marketing director will be irreparably damaged should the material ever see the light of day.

Meeting Grant Cummings strikes a chord in Kyle—there’s something about the man that Kyle can’t turn his back on. Kyle quickly learns that the man is broken… damaged… lost. Kyle has to decide if there’s a way to bring Grant back from the abyss and not lose himself in the process. There is a question that looms, however—is Kyle doing it for Grant or for himself?


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