What happens when love shows up in an unexpected package? What’s more important… the love or the form it takes?

Wyatt Smothers is a retired rodeo bronc rider who runs the Circle S Ranch with his family. Ranching is hard work, and successful ranching is even harder. Donna Jo, the oldest of the siblings, lands on her next great idea to keep the ranch afloat—a weight loss camp at The Circle S, which is the last thing Wyatt wants to hear. After a family vote, the camp idea is a go.

Everyone at the ranch pitches in to make it a success, but in the process of planning, Wyatt reads an essay from a potential camper—U-4-NY—that touches something inside him. Will he still feel the same way when he set eyes on U-4-NY?


Talbot Andrews isn’t living his best life: twenty-seven, living in his parents’ basement, and struggling with the way he looks. He writes lies—a weight loss blog—which is his best work of fiction to date. Bragging about the fun activities he undertakes to help with his weight loss quest doesn’t equate to pounds lost.

An advertisement on a food blog catches his eye and something inside him clicks. Losing weight on a working cattle ranch is like a fairytale come true, so he applies and decides to be totally honest with himself and on his application for the first time in a long time, embarrassment be damned.

An email from W. Smothers of Smothers Ranch sparks something inside, and Tal’s goals finally become clear: go to Texas, lose the weight, meet the cowboy, and hopefully, live his happily ever after. Was it too much for a man to ask?


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