How about a trip to the Candy Shop?
The treats aren’t just delightful to taste…
We’ve got joys for everyone…
And we promise they’ll make your lusty heart race!

Sexy dancers to entertain…
You’ll all be really glad you came…
Watch them spin around the pole…
When you leave you’ll never be the same!

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Flashing lights and loud music overstimulated my brain the moment I opened the front door of the club. It wasn’t my scene at all, but I’d received a message to be there to retrieve my property, and I was definitely motivated to step out of my comfort zone to get back what was mine.

I was immediately greeted by a handsome face. “Please, follow me, sir,” a short young man invited as he led me through the entryway. We stopped for me to check my cloak and hat, and then we stepped into the expansive space.

The club was sparkling with twinkle lights that were timed to the thumping bass that vibrated the floor and consumed my body as we crossed the large room. As I glanced around, I could see many had started their holiday party early, as was their prerogative. It had been a perfect trip, and I’d arrived home with my team sooner than expected. Everyone was in full celebration mode, which was always good for morale.

Red cellophane covered the can lights in the ceiling, the cast light pointed to the group next to me. “What are they having?” The waiter handed over a menu with one drink listed—named after the club.

I glanced at him as I handed back the menu card, chuckling. “Sure, I’ll have one, please.”

The young man nodded and stepped away, his assless shorts catching my attention. His cheeks were pink as though he’d just been spanked, and my cock took notice. There was a time when I’d have been tempted, but… I was there for a distinct purpose, and I wouldn’t be swayed.

The music changed from the raw club beat to an orchestral mix that made me smile at its familiarity. I glanced around the room, observing the others at the tables—men alone, men with men, men with women, women with women.

The faces were well-known to me but in that moment, they were distracting me from what I needed.

My server came back with a martini glass the same as the other guests were enjoying. The red and white striped rim was a cute touch. After he delivered my drink, the sexy waiter handed me a red envelope before bowing and backing away. I ripped it open and glanced inside to find a red scarf with a card. I looked at the card to see four words…

I glanced around the room to see none of the other patrons were looking in my direction, so I breathed deeply and fastened the red scarf around my eyes, securing it behind my head with a slip knot.

I was a bit nervous, what with my vision impaired, so when there was a rustling sound nearby, I was tempted to take off the blindfold to check for an impending threat. However, the note I’d received at my office before I left for the day had insisted that I comply with all instructions if I wanted my property returned, so I dutifully placed my hands in my lap and waited.

“Hello, Nich-o-las.” The voice was sensual as it purred out my name, warm breath tickling my ear.

“Not yet. Check the clock,” I answered my new companion.


The hot breath on my neck as the one word was whispered made chills tingle down my spine. The voice was soft, leaving me unable to identify exactly who it was, but a thrill at the possibilities shuddered through my body, filling me with anticipation of what was to come.

“Who’s there?” I asked, certain I wasn’t going to get an answer.

“May I secure your hands?” the voice whispered.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest. Fear or excitement, I wasn’t sure, but my blood was coursing through my veins as if it was being pumped faster by an outside source.

Finally, I nodded, and gentle hands touched me. Something soft was wrapped in a figure eight around my wrists, and then a jerking motion alerted me a knot was tightened.

“I’ll take the blindfold off now.”

A nibble on my right earlobe brought gooseflesh to my arms, and my cock hardened even more than I thought possible.

The heat from the body sliding behind me to sit on the back of the couch with a leg against each shoulder spawned all sorts of filthy scenarios inundating my thoughts as the silky cloth was slowly released from around my head, restoring my vision.

I glanced down to see red satin gloves holding the blindfold before it was dropped. I looked up to see a figure with a hood that hid its identity. The smell of the musk and spice led me to believe it was a man, but I couldn’t be sure.

“I came here for—”

A hand was quickly placed over my mouth to silence me, making my cock leak in my pants.

“I know why you’re here. I just don’t know yet if you’re worthy of getting what you came for. Have you been a good boy?”

I chuckled. “You know beyond a doubt that I’m not a boy. You know who I am and who you belong to.”

There was a giggle behind me, but the gloved hands kept me from turning. They held my head so that my gaze was focused on the stage. The lights dimmed and six lithe figures came out, each in a red robe with white fur trim, their heads down and hands crossed in front of them.

The gloved hands released me, definitely knowing where my gaze was fixed.

Suddenly, the lights went completely dark, and I sensed someone sitting next to me. A hot, wet tongue licked a stripe up my neck before my collar was pulled away.

Soft music began to play as the lights behind the stage slowly brightened, showing all six figures jump into the air with precision and slowly spin around the poles that looked like candy canes that had dropped down from the ceiling and were quickly secured to the stage by dark figures.

A bass guitar offered a staccato rhythm that I recognized as one from my own playlists. I had a lot of folks depending on me, so I had to keep fit. As I’d aged, it took more work to maintain my health, what with the demands I put on myself for the job. Work was important, but play time was equally necessary, as my team would attest.

I was fortunate to have people who assisted me every step of the way in my work, and they knew the type of music that would motivate me to do many, many things. I had a playlist for everything, and the one I was hearing over the club’s sound system was one I loved to hear when I fucked.

I glanced down as hands rubbed up my thighs. The hooded figure had slid between my legs and was reaching for my black belt, loosening it and then unbuttoning my jacket before it was pushed from my shoulders to my elbows, leaving my chest bare. My bound hands were lifted and placed behind their neck as they unbuttoned my pants. “This is gonna be fun,” my friend whispered.

The cool air from the overhead vents encompassed my slick dick for an instant before the swipe of a warm tongue had my eyes rolling back in my head. If this was the prelude, I was definitely looking forward to the main event.

The dancers on the stage climbed the poles in unison before laying back and allowing the robes to slide down their arms and pool on the floor beneath them. Spotlights flashed on, proving what I hoped to see—they were all naked. I wanted to turn on more lights so I could see their beautiful handsome faces. The heels they were all wearing were sexy as fuck, as was the fur garter on each left leg.

I could see a half-mask on the person on the floor in front of me. It was lace and detailed with rhinestones to highlight their big round eyes, and as they took my cock into their warm wet mouth, I exhaled a long breath, committing the sight before me to memory. It was glorious.

“Why don’t you get my cock wet and climb onto my lap?” I asked my sexy tormentor who knew exactly how to edge me because they’d had a lot of practice doing so.

I reached up to grab the mask from their head and pulled it off, revealing my favorite blue pools that I had the pleasure of seeing every morning. “Oh, please, suck harder,” I begged as I directed my gaze to the stage again as the music changed.

The six men continued to perform a wonderfully sexy dance with the pulsing music adding to the experience. I wrapped my hands, which were still tied, in the blond curls of my gorgeous companion in front of me. “Choke on me, baby boy,” I ordered, loving the sound of his gasping breaths as he did my bidding.

“God, that’s so good. You know exactly what I like, don’t you,” I whispered as the performers continued to move, holding onto the pole with strong hands as they slowly raised their legs to show me the six holes I wanted to tongue-fuck more than anything. My companion behind me busied himself with rubbing and pinching my nipples as I went on sensory overload and gave myself over to the unbelievable sensations.

It had been a long year. We’d all worked hard, and little did I know that when I finally finished my responsibilities, I’d be treated to the most sensual, seductive show of my life. The six performers slowly slid down the pole as my cock was licked, sucked, nibbled, and teased.

“Untie my hands so I can touch his lips as he sucks me,” I ordered.

My boy behind me did as I asked, releasing the satin cloth from my wrists. Once free, I touched my boy’s throat where he was nestling my cock as he breathed through his nose. I didn’t tighten my grip on him, just relishing in the feeling of having part of me inside him so deeply.

When the performers slowly walked down the three stairs that separated the stage from the club floor and approached the red velvet couch where I was being spoiled by Dasher and Prancer. My beautiful boys crowded around me, Dancer stepping onto the cushions, one high-heeled foot on each side of my lap and his hard cock aimed at my face. I didn’t hesitate to slurp him in.

I sucked him into my throat so I could nestle my nose in his blond curls and enjoy his scent. I’d missed all of my boys more than anything and was thrilled they were all now in human form so we could enjoy ourselves during the off-season.

Suddenly my cock was released from Dasher’s mouth, and I groaned as my hands clasped Dancer’s ass and pulled his cheeks apart. I felt a warm face nestle in and he froze as a wet tongue circled his entrance.

“Fuck,” Dancer gasped as Rudy opened him up to prepare him for my hard cock.

“I missed you boys so much. Have you all been naughty or nice?” I asked after I slid Dancer’s cock out of my mouth and helped him down onto mine.

“We missed you, too, Santa Daddy,” Dancer gasped as I slid inside him. A chorus of “me, too,” made my heartbeat speed up.

“I liked the drink,” I whispered against Blitzen’s lips as he leaned closer for a kiss while Dancer rode me.

“I like riding your candy cane more than the drink, Daddy,” Prancer teased as he climbed up next to me, sliding his cock into my mouth while Dancer continued to bounce on me with the assistance of the rest of my boys who were all eager to get their turn.

We were all set to leave for a glorious vacation the next morning where we could all fuck and suck to our hearts content for a month. After all, we had eleven months to get ready for the next Christmas. They’d given me the perfect gift… a trip to the Candy Shop where we could all help each other come down from our Christmas high. People may think they know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph, but nobody knew them like their Santa Daddy.

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