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  1. Hi,
    I received a copy of The Secrets we Whisper To The Bees in return for an honest review. I have reviewed the book both of Goodreads and Amazon Australia and I replied to the BookFunnel message giving your this information. I don’t think that you have received this message as BookFunnel has emailed me. Please be assured that the reviews are up and running.

  2. Just finished the first 3 books of Lonely Heros. All great books. Starting with Hank. My daughter in law and a friend were at Fort Leonard Wood, my son is at Dix monthly and did his basic at Fort Benning. So knowing the landmarks was nice. Ready to start the next 3 book.

    1. Hi Dawn! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. I grew up outside St. Louis and have a family member who was at Fort Leonard Wood! What a small world. I hope you like the rest of the stories. Book 8, “Noble Bruno” comes out on 6/30. I hope you’ll check it out! Thanks for reaching out. Cheer! Sam

  3. Read On the Rock books last week,just finished Men of Memphis Blues both series were great and both had a hint of GEA-A in it. Will there be more books in the Memphis Blues series?
    Thank for writing book I love.

  4. I’ve read the Lonely Heroes series and really enjoyed them. Thank you.

    I’ve also just read Perfect and then looked for 2Perfect and couldn’t find it. Is it still in the works?

    I really appreciate the hours of wonderful reading.

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