Dorian “Dori” Holt

It’s my lifelong dream to play a game of baseball. When I was thirteen, I thought I was finally going to get the chance to learn. The family driver had offered to teach me to pitch a baseball, but that had ended badly. My father fired him and humiliated me to the point I could never get over it.

Becoming the head of Holt Industries was never the dream – yet here I was, hating my life while secretly owning a Major League Baseball team, The Memphis Blues.

After one of the games, my head coach explains to me that we need to make some changes to the roster. A new pitching coach and bullpen coach are needed, and he has the perfect candidates. One candidate, Cary Brewer, is married to my star pitcher, the other is the man I’ve loved since I was thirteen and he will forever be the only man I’ll ever love.

Harrison “Sonny” Rhimes

While getting my masters in sports medicine, I take a job working for one of the most bitter men I’ve ever met. I want to quit at least once a week, but his son is absolutely the sweetest kid and he’s quite lonely. I feel like his only friend, so I put up with Linwood Holt to be there for Dori. Unfortunately, one broken window costs me the job, and I never see Dori again.

My dream has always been to be a major league pitcher, but I don’t have the skills. So, I do the next best thing—I become a pitching coach and a trainer for a Triple-A ball team, the Nashville Blue Notes. I love it, and I’m happy. I meet a young pitcher who has the potential to be a star, and I’m not surprised when he gets called up to the majors after one year on the farm team.

Unsurprisingly, Cash Mitchell takes the Memphis Blues to the World Series, but when my turn comes to get called up, I can’t believe who owns the team!


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