“Heart of Stone…”

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy moving to the west, and getting another book ready to publish! “Heart of Stone” is the second book in the May-December Hearts Collection. It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon.com.(https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GM7SQNS)

“Hi! I’m Dr. Dream, and I’m probably the hottest guy you’ll ever meet. I have silver hair, but I’m young at heart. I have lots of fans, but I’m looking for my Number One. Is it you, younger guy? Hit me up!”

ER Deputy Chief Stone Dooley got the surprise of his life when he learned his twin daughters had signed him up for a gay dating site, without his knowledge, three years after he became a widower.

What was supposed to be a quick drink and an apology for his daughters’ prank, turned into tentative friendship and an agreement to swap services—Stone would take care of the younger man’s ailing grandfather, if the young guy would help out with childcare for his daughters over the summer.

Twists and turns test their blossoming friendship. Grief, loss, secrets, and a threat to tear his family apart all test Stone’s limits to his breaking point.

What is the key to weathering the storms heading in Stone’s direction? Maybe a blond-haired young man with jade green eyes could crack the Heart of Stone?

I hope you’ll check it out!



My next book…

Hi friends! My next book will be part of a new collection. The theme of the collection will be “May-December Hearts.” Each story will be a stand-alone romance story with an older main character and a much younger main character. The first book in the collection is called, “A Wise Heart,” and I’m previewing the blurb here first.

Miles Dunham

A wise man once said a person was only as old as they felt. Sadly, most days, I felt ancient. I also felt lonely, especially after my mother dropped an atom bomb on me, so on the eve of my thirty-ninth birthday, I determined it was my right to celebrate any way I chose.

Fate was definitely a cruel mistress when she brought a gorgeous, YOUNG, redheaded grad student wearing sexy leather pants into my life that night, and now, I couldn’t get him out of my head. I was supposed to be the mature adult who knew when to walk away from a precarious situation. How could his shining, hazel eyes with flecks of gold make it so hard for me to see the line I shouldn’t cross?

Monroe Taylor

A wise man once screamed, “Get your act together, Monroe, and grow the f*@k up.” Sadly, I stopped listening to that wise man… and any others in my life… a long time ago. I was a spoiled, little rich boy, and I liked to have my fun. A possession arrest didn’t seem like too big a deal until I was informed by my uncle how much it could impact my future.

When I arrived in Washington, DC, to confess my sins to my father, I decided one last night of fun was in order because I would be going on lock-down for a long time. The man I met that night? Oh, Daddy!

Neither of us had any idea what the cosmos had in store for us. God knew, if I had my way, I would make sure the man never left me behind. Of course, I was immature enough to think every love story had a happy ending.

Could I stick a pin in my overinflated ego and learn to be the man he deserved?

Please note: “This book contains material which may be offensive to some readers: Graphic language, consenting adult sexual situations, and is intended for readers 18 and over. It is a stand-alone novel that doesn’t end in a cliffhanger and has an HEA.




Hello!! It’s been a while…

Hello, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website, so I apologize for the absence, but I wanted to let you know I’ve been working on resurrecting a previously published story, “Miles to Monroe.” I’ve reworked parts, given it a new cover, and had it professionally edited. I don’t have an exact date, but I’m aiming for the first half of July. Stay tuned for more information. Here’s a reveal of the new cover and a few hints at content.AWH-Coming Soon!

Coming March 4…

Is there any way to unbreak someone?

Kyle Rance would agree that he’d made some bad decisions in his life, walking paths he wasn’t proud he walked and suffering painful losses due to his actions. He paid the price for his mistakes, and he worked hard to try to redeem himself. When he got the opportunity for a fresh start, he decided to make the most of it because it might be his last one.

Through a twist of fate, Kyle came into possession of damning material about one of the partners at the marketing firm where he was given a job in the mailroom, thanks to a state program for ex-cons like him. As Kyle learned, if the contents of the USB drive were to get out, one of the partners could be ruined.

Kyle approached Grant Cummings with the damning evidence in an attempt to help save the man’s reputation, but what Kyle found upon meeting the aloof marketing wizard was a man who had given up on nearly everything.

With the help of a fabulous friend who worked the drag stage as an emcee, Kyle began the strange journey into a world where he never imagined himself… Mistresses… Masters… slaves and submissives… Oh, my!

Helping Grant Cummings return to the land of the living seemed like a worthy endeavor in the beginning, but eventually, Kyle had to ask himself if he was doing it for Grant, or was Kyle doing it for himself? As their futures became intertwined, Kyle had to wonder if he was up for the challenge of guiding someone back from the abyss, and if so, who would Grant be on the other side? For that matter, who would Kyle be as well?

Please Note: This M/M romantic novel contains material which may be offensive to some readers.  It includes graphic language, mentions of self-harm, adult situations involving BDSM relationships, and descriptions of sexual activity between two, consenting adult males. This fictional story is intended for adults over 18 and is approximately 60,000 words in length. Unbreak Him is a standalone H-E-A and doesn’t end in a cliffhanger.  I hope you enjoy it.BookBrushImage99