Dearly & Notorious Nancy – Signed Paperback


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When the family business is death, one never knows who will show up on the slab, but even a notorious serial killer deserves a funeral, doesn’t she?

Keir Dearly, the sole proprietor of Dearly & Son Funeral Home, walks a fine line with his “clients”—help fulfill their last requests at the cost of possibly unleashing evil on an unsuspecting world or ignore their pleas to maintain the balance between good and evil as his deceased father continues to advise.

When Nancy Plum lands on the slab, Keir must make a harrowing decision. Should he ignore Nancy’s spirit and resist digging into the mysteries surrounding her sudden suicide, or should he crack open her life and unravel why she allegedly killed eleven young women? With Nancy’s refusal to give any answers, the spirits of her victims come forward to offer their help, but when there are two new victims, how can Keir walk away?

With their commitment on solid ground, Keir and Dash’s gifts continue to develop, but so does Jay Frick’s disdain for their relationship to the point the man becomes enraged, and all hell breaks loose right there in the mortuary.


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