Scott & Jay’s First Hellish Adventure (ebook)

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An almost angel and a man possessed… What could possibly go wrong when they’re chosen to help save humankind?

Scott Locke, an apprentice guardian angel assigned to protect the Gatekeeper hits a run of bad luck. After Scott’s recent review with the Celestial Council, his hopes of being promoted are quickly dashed, due to an injury his charge suffered at the hands of a friend, Detective Jay Frick. Unknown to anyone, the unrequited crush Scott has on Jay Frick makes the Council’s slight a double slap in the face.

Jameson Frick, former homicide detective, has been having too many bad days to count. He met an incredible man, only to have the guy fall for an ex-con. His partner in Sacramento P.D.’s Homicide Division is put on desk duty before his impending retirement, leading to Jay being benched as well.

Jay’s next assignment, working as an investigator for children’s services, is a job he deplores. Topping it all off, Jay’s been suffering from severe headaches, sleep deprivation, frayed nerves, and the nonstop voices in his head are driving him to madness.

When Jay’s spirit gets hauled to Hell, Scott is determined to bring him back. Grabbing Jay’s broken body, Scott begins his pursuit of a healer, knowing if Jay doesn’t have a viable body, he can’t return to the human realm as the man Scott wants to pursue.

What will both men encounter during their time in Limbo? Which familiar people will they see there, and who in Hell would steal a broken human body?

Wanna come along on Scott & Jay’s First Hellish Adventure?

This book of original paranormal fiction is the first in a new series. It is approximately 34,000 words in length and is a spinoff from the “Dearly & the Departed” Universe.

1 review for Scott & Jay’s First Hellish Adventure (ebook)

  1. Stacie (verified owner)

    Absolutely hooked on this series! But how do I access the ebook ?

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