What the H/e/art Wants (ebook)


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Can he find love with a man younger than his son?

Judge Jefferson Hart is hoping for a relaxed summer off while babysitting his grandson. Instead, a captivating young man reads him the riot act about leaving the boy in incapable hands. While Jeff isn’t used to anyone chastising him, the way the man goes about it ignites a dormant longing inside him.

Iggy Sampson has a to-do list a mile long: Take the law school admission test. Find an acceptable school that will give him a scholarship to avoid a crippling amount of student loan debt. Get over the guy who gave him his first kiss and then humiliated him at the tender age of fifteen.

Shrieks outside his temporary home aren’t on that list, but how can he not help the boy cradling his arm? What he hadn’t counted on was the boy’s attractive grandfather. Fireworks have nothing on the crackling between them.

Their attraction grows more every day, bridging the age gap and the fifty yards separating them. But can they give in to their desires without losing their loved ones in the process?


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